I will not be doing in person Numerology readings due to the quarentine measures. However, I am offering 40% off numerology readings through the quarantine period. This includes a 30+ page chart and hour reading by phone.  Fill in the  my Contact form below to receive  your numerology  reading by phone/email  or to schedule a house blessing.

Let Us Know How We Can Help Bless, Cleanse, Heal & Smudge your Space!
Everything you need to bless, heal, clear and smudge your personal space. How many times have you walked into a room after an uncomfortable situation has taken place and felt “The tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife"? This tension is energy. It's real and can be felt and affect the space long after the situation is over. BTH... has products and services to help you bless, clear, heal and smudge your personal space. The results of a  house blessing ceremony can be life changing.
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When is it time to do a House Blessing or Smudge your home/business or personal space?
•When a space has had any mental or physical illness such as anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, death, physical illness, negative energy, or any negative life experience. 
•When you are trying to sell or after you have moved into or purchased a home , business or vehicle
•To enhance prayers and meditation
•Before and after engaging in metaphysical activity 
•When antique or second hand items are brought into your space 
•When there have been sightings or indications of negative metaphysical activity
•When your vehicle or home have been involved in an accident, crime scene or fire/flood etc. 
•When there's been a recent divorce, separation or grief in letting go 
•When seeking clarity and peace of mind or when making any major life decision.
Mission Statement: At Bless This House, Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life, we believe that “space” holds energy and our personal space includes our body, items we come in contact with and our dwellings. At BTH..... We integrate many spiritual light modalities (Catholicism, Native American rituals & Reiki) to aid in the house blessing, smudging and cleansing of the space we inhabit. By cleansing the space, we aid in clearing negative imprints from previous owners or past or current traumas. 
We Serve Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and the greater RDU area.