A Numerology Reading and chart is a wonderful spiritual tool/template to integrate into our spiritual toolbox. It’s a mathematical method of ancient science created by a philosopher, Pythgoras, over 2500 years ago. He discovered that by using our birth date and name with a numeric formula, we can begin to understand our own path and energetic periods that ebb and flow in and out of our lives. This can help us better understand ourselves, each other, the direction we are choosing, and the significance of how important timing is when making life's decisions and choices.

Just understanding the "Life Path" number is a good start. How many times have you asked yourself "why am I here?" Numerology can help us understand the answers to those questions and how timing is everything.

To learn your life path number, start by taking your birthdate and adding all the numbers together. Then reduce the final number to a single digit unless it's
11, 22 or 33. (Master Numbers)
(ie: 2-27-1960) add each digit 2+2+7+1+9+6 = 27 - reduce to single digit 2+7=9
The Life path number is 9
Each life path number offers lessons in this lifetime we are here to learn. See the chart below for the life path numbers and their meaning.

Life path lessons:

Lifepath #1 – Learn independence, to stand on your own two feet without leaning on or depending on others. Then to use that independence to accomplish great things based on your own ideas.
Lifepath # 2 – Learn cooperation, patience, tact and diplomacy in all situations.
Lifepath # 3 – Learn to express and live and speak in joy and communicate that to others.
Lifepath # 4 – Learn to put system and organization into work and to pay attention to details.
Lifepath # 5 – Learn to use freedom constructively in all areas of your life.
Lifepath # 6- Learn the deep satisfaction of handling responsibility appropriately. Learning when to step in to help and when to step away and let others help themselves and how to be in relationships.
Lifepath # 7- To know yourself, stand in your truth and seek the tools to aid you in this. The search for God and who he is to you and how to gain wisdom in your own mind and with outer resources.
Lifepath # 8 – Learn the satisfactions of the physical world and the appropriate use of power balanced by a spiritual understanding.
Lifepath # 9- Learn the satisfaction of giving without thought of return and how to let go of expectations.
Lifepath # 11- Learn to manifest energy to bring illumination and enlightenment to the world while being patient and non judgmental.
Lifepath #22- Learn to master the combination of the highest ideals with the largest material goals and the work commitment required to gain this amazing success.
Lifepath #33- Learn to hold the master vibration to bless those in need through conscious focus without Martyring yourself.
A Numerology Reading can help us understand why we are here and how to understand the energetic periods in our life!
This is a wonderfully illustrated example of the cycles of numerology. Written by Joe Ivory, Master Numerologist.

"Perhaps we can better understand the cyclical energy of the nine year cycle by reflecting on the full maturation and growth of a newly planted orange seed. The cycle of growth for an orange seed begins with the initial planting:

The (1) Universal Year: (Seeding Time)
The initial planting... selecting the seed and its placement in the ground.
The (2) Universal Year: (Germination Period)
Deep within the dark and damp underground it begins sprouting roots. It's a time when the seed reaches out in search of nutrient to ensure its root growth and very survival. Without this life sustaining food the seed would begin to shrivel and die, so this is its most sensitive and vital growth phase.
The (3) Universal Year: (Manifestation Period)
With the roots secure and healthy it pushes a new stem skyward to break through the soil in order to obtain sunlight for photosynthetic growth. Now, as a newly established plant, tender leaves appear as it grows and rapidly increases in size. The growth is rapid and joyous, but has a test awaiting it during the next cycle.
The (4) Universal Year: (Examination Time)
It's during this next growth phase that this tiny plant must endure nature's tests and hardships in the form of wind, cold, rain, frost and insects.
The (5) Universal Year: (Full Growth Period)
If it's successful and survives the growth challenges of the (4) it is enabled to finalize its growth to expand to full adult height with all branches fully leaved.
The (6) Universal Year: (Procreation Period)
During this phase the tree prepares its nervous system to support its blossoming task. The sap and growth stimulation that enabled it to reach full size now ceases and stabilizes throughout as the plant achieves stasis, balance and a quiet inner peace.
The (7) Universal Year: (Blossom Time)
Now it's time to blossom, but it's a sensitive quiet time when the plant's nervous system must be protected so the delicate new flowers don't drop to the ground.
The (8) Universal Year: (Fruition Period)
As the blossoms mature and the tiny fruit forms in the blossom's center it slowly increases in size and matures into a succulent fully shaped orange. This is the time known as the period of full fruitage when the transformed seed is realized and celebrated.
The (9) Universal Year: (Harvest Time)
Finally, the fruit is picked and the plant hibernates as it stores its DNA and nutrient to grow again in the coming spring and the start of a new (9) year cycle.  Copyright: Joe Ivory
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